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How big do raccoons get?

If you live anywhere near where there are woods, even if it is near a park then you have probably seen a raccoon before. These are one of the most common animals in all of North America, and were the key commodity for many who came to the new world.

The fur of a raccoon became quite valuable for explorers and traders throughout North America for the first few centuries after Europeans came west looking for a new opportunity to start their lives anew.

Because, the animals were once so common that they were hunted relentlessly. They not only provided fur but also food that became a primary staple that was used for survival. This why they were hunted in such large numbers as many species of raccoon were threatened for quite some time. That is not as true any longer, as various forms of clothing and food have enabled the creatures to make a dramatic comeback, so good that they can be seen in almost every part of the northern hemisphere.

Why the fur of a raccoon and the use of raccoons for food became so prominent was because these animals can get to be pretty large in size. This made them quite an attractive animal to hunt for sure.

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Like many species of mammals, raccoons can vary quite a bit in size. The most common types grow to a mature length of 28 inches, while some of the smaller species grow to be no more than 16-inches. This is still quite a large raccoon that can lead it to be as heavy as 30 pounds.

Its most prominent characteristic is its tail, and this can be quite large as well. The normal racoon tail is anywhere from 9 to 12 inches long, and this is what was used on many coon skin caps that were made and traded in the early parts of the United States’ history.

The male raccoon is usually about 20 percent larger in size and weight than you would find in the female. This makes them much more dominant and they are able to control a much larger area of an ecosystem depending upon how large they can get. A male raccoon is quite territorial and will fight with other raccoons to control a region. This is why size can have a profound impact on how much area it will control and how many females will fall under its domination.

The raccoon is the largest of all the species in the rodent family. Because of how long and heavy it can get, it is the dominant creature in the class and this is only natural when it can be over two feet in length. Read more: Raccoon Control, how to get rid of raccoons, Raccoon Feces, How to get raccoons out of the ceiling.

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