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Do raccoons come out in the rain?

There are many different kinds of animals that see rain as the ideal conditions for them to get out and about. The duck for instance, does not concern itself with the rain because they are used to being in the water. So, if heavy storms come ducks are not averse to spending considerable time in the rain and do not need to find shelter.

This is not true of all animals, however. Some do not function very well in the rain, as water buildup can be extremely hazardous to their health. For example, mice walking along a gutter area during a rainstorm can find themselves washed away by the current of water in the gutter and may even drown. This is why it is to their advantage to find some location to set up for a time until the rain has passed.

But what about the raccoon? When it is raining do raccoons come out in the rain?

For most raccoons, a small amount of rain is no concern to them at all. These are animals with a thick coat of fur that keeps them warm during a drizzly rain storm, plus they have sharp claws to be able to maintain the traction should it get a bit muddy. In addition, a raccoon is in no way averse to getting dirty, and may find the rain as the perfect opportunity to find food.

Many different kinds of insects will come out of the soil, like worms, during rain storms and the raccoon may see this as a perfect opportunity to capture some food to eat. Heavy winds can also mean that berries and nuts will be knocked out of the trees, and this gives this little critter the opportunity to go about and scavenge for some food while the storm has provided the opportunity to do so. After all, the same wind that knocked these nuts or berries out of the tree may also blow them away. So, the raccoon has to take advantage of this opportunity while it can.

While it is easy to see that a raccoon would not be averse to coming out in the rain, that does not mean that it will and every circumstance. If it is a heavy rain with thunder and lightning included then most will remain sheltered during this time to ensure that they are not hurt or harmed in any way during the storm.

Very strong winds and lightning can scare a raccoon in the same way that it scares people. Strong winds can knock over trees, crushing a raccoon that is wandering about. Instinctually they are aware that this is a hazardous condition for them and one they should not be willing to risk their safety during.

Heavy amounts of rain can also lead to flash flooding which can be dangerous for the raccoon. These animals usually weigh only about 40 pounds at most, so a strong current that rises from heavy rains can sweep them away and lead to death. Read more: Raccoon Control, how to get rid of raccoons, Raccoon Feces, How to get raccoons out of the ceiling.

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