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What kind of damage do opossums cause in an attic or under a house?

The opossum is cute in its own way. They are kind of ugly to be quite frank, but there is certain cuteness in an animal that is so ugly. That is part of the charm of them.

The fact is that the damage that these animals can cause makes them a lot uglier than you may think. They are very messy and dig into lots of things. They can be a major disaster which may make you wonder why kind of damage an opossum can do in your attic or under you home.

The truth is that they can do quite a bit of damage. It starts with the damage they can do just trying to get in and setup their own home. Under your porch they are likely to dig a whole to get in, will drag stuff they want to build a nest, including paper, leaves and other debris.

In your attic the problem can be much worse. If you are storing a lot of your old stuff in there, like blankets, clothes, and newspaper clippings, you will likely find that they will rip into boxes to get to that stuff and use it to make a bed out of it. That not only ruins your stuff that you had stored but also means that you are going to have a mess to cleanup once you get rid of the animal.

While this is bad enough on its own, the problem will be a lot of worse than this. These are fairly gross animals and the waste that they have is quite dangerous to you. Many possums have parasites and bacteria that can be found inside their waste. They will not go to the bathroom directly near their nest, but if they are under your porch or if your attic has a big area then they will relieve themselves of their waste somewhere around those areas.

This waste can be a big mess to cleanup, especially if the animal has been there for some time. Consider that the urine and other waste will seep into boards, and this has may mean that you have to replace the entire section of board to make sure you and your family are safe. That can be quite costly.

There is also the risk to your health. You can’t just sweep this up or vacuum away the debris. You need to wear protective clothing and make sure that there is no chance that one of these parasites will get into your blood stream. This may mean that you have to hire someone to come out and do the job for you to ensure that the job is done right.

This does not include siding you may need to have replaced as well as insulation. This can be a big mess for sure.

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