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Do possums dig holes or burrow underground?

The possum is one of the ugliest animals on earth. With those beady eyes and that is elongated nose they just look hideous in every way imaginable. It is no wonder that their primary defense mechanism is to play dead; they already looked dead!

These are nocturnal creatures that move around at nighttime hunting and gathering. Because of their incredibly poor eyesight and the fact that they have a limited defensive capability, it makes sense for them to use the darkness around them as a means to be able to get around without having to worry about being attacked by predators.

During the daytime these animals returned back to their home where they spent the sunlight hours sleeping. Because of their inability to see very well, coming out in the daylight would actually be quite dangerous for them, so it only makes sense that they would utilize these hours to sleep so that they can then return to the darkness of the night to search for food.

Knowing that they like to hide out in the daytime and adding to it the fact that these animals have very strong and sharp front claws may make you think that possums dig holes so that they can burrow underground. The truth of the matter is that this simply isn’t true.

While a lot of animals of similar family to the possum will dig holes to live, the possum is not one of them. These creatures generally live in hollowed out logs or in tree trunks that provide a certain amount of shelter for them. Consider once again the what they are looking for is a dark place to be able to rest during the daylight so as not to be seen, and so a spot in a tree where a holed out area has been created makes for the ideal choice.

While not digging holes to create a place to stay, a possum will still do an incredible amount of digging. Not only are they looking for bugs that are underneath the soil, but their ability to dig gives them an advantage when looking for food.

Consider for a moment that most people put a fence around their yard to keep these kinds of animals away. The fence is either extremely close along the ground or is actually touching it. To a possum that is no big deal at all.

These animals simply dig at the soil underneath the fence, creating a pathway for them to get underneath and into yard. There, they are able to find a lot of different options for food, including your trashcan, pet bowls, and even a garden if you should have one. It is their ability to dig that allows them the opportunity to quickly and easily get into your yard to get the food that they desire.

Knowing this, you need to be a little more proactive when building a fence around your yard. If you wish to keep animals like this out that it is necessary to bury your fence at least a foot below the surface of the earth to keep them out. Read more: Opossum Control, How to Get Rid of Opossums, Opossum Feces.

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