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What is the best bait to trap an opossum?

If you have an opossum that is living in or around your home, you obviously want to do all you can to rid yourself of this animal. They can be very annoying in many ways, building nests and causing a whole lot of mess in your home. Plus, they carry a lot of diseases, meaning that you, your family, and your pets could be at serious risk from the diseases these rodents carry.

Getting rid of the animal is the obvious choice, and many opt to use a cage to capture it and then take it out. The problem is getting the opossum to get into the cage so you can then remove it. This means that you need bait that is ideal to capture the attention to the creature. The question is what is the best bait to trap an opossum?

That is a good question. First, you should know that the possum is an omnivore. This means that it will eat anything. It is not picky if it is meat or vegetables; it will eat anything.

Knowing that, you should also be aware that there are some foods that the possum prefers above all other things. These are the things you need to use.

Consider that the possum may not necessarily want to enter into your cage. There may be an instinctual part of the animal that causes it to fear and it may run away, defeating your plan to capture it. This leaves you with the fact that you must do all you can to ensure that it wants to enter into the cage. That means the best bait you can use has to be employed.

You want get something that can has a strong smell. The bait will be in the cage and cannot be tasted, so it has to be something with such an appealing smells that the opossum cannot let it get away. It has to have it. So what would qualify to fit all of these descriptions?

While being an omnivore, possums prefer meat above other kinds of foods. They don’t even mind if the meat is a little rancid, which means you can put it in the trap and not worry about it spoiling. They will eat it anyway, which tells you something about their stomachs.

Meat is a great choice, but you should also be aware that this may attract the attention of more than just the possum. Your cat or dog may go after that as well, defeating the purpose. In this case, consider something like bread or something sweet like marshmallows. While not having as strong of a smell, they will still attract the opossum and you will hopefully have that critter captured.

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