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How to Get Rid of Spiders In Your Home

The spider population is one that is largely dependent on the insect population which is the prey of the spider, and a large number of spiders in the house often means that there has been a high insect population. Some people are afraid of spiders, while others will not be too concerned about having a spider in the house. However, if you do want to get rid of the spiders in your home then there are a number of different methods that you can use.

Spring Cleaning To Deal With Spiders
When it comes to dealing with spiders, one of the best things that you can do is to have a good spring clean as this is when the spider population will be reproducing and growing. Spiders will prefer to hide in dark and cool areas, and it is in these dark places such as behind cupboards and bathroom units where they will often lay the majority of their eggs.

The best tool to use at this time is a good vacuum cleaner, and one with a wand attachment will allow you to get into more of the nooks and crannies than you could with the standard vacuum. The purpose of this vacuuming is to try and pick up as many of the spider eggs and young spiders as possible. It is particularly important to vacuum in behind furniture, and it is also worth vacuuming the roof of the basement where the spiders will often hide before moving up into the house itself.

New Houses – Sealing The Cracks
One of the first things that people can do when they are trying to get rid of spiders is to actually stop them from getting in. Older homes will often have so many cracks and fine holes in the walls and floors that it is utterly impractical, but it can be done in newer homes. If you do find that you are getting a number of spiders inside the home, then you will want to examine the walls around the windows, and also to look for cracks in the floor and the roof of the basement. It is worth noting that many of the cracks that spiders can use to get in are very fine, so you will need to seal even the smallest crack with sealant.

Trimming The Shrubbery And Plants Close To Your Home
One method that many people have used quite successfully to try and reduce the numbers of spiders actually getting in to their home is to trim back the plants and shrubs around the house. Spiders will often build their webs in and around plants, and having trees and plants close to the house will often mean that more spiders find their way into the home. Although it isn't always possible to remove the plants entirely, trimming back these plants can still have an impact in reducing the number of spiders getting into the home.

Insecticides And Spider Repellent
There are a number of products that are on the market to try and deal with a spider infestation. One type of product that some people will use is an insecticide, but unfortunately this doesn't really work with spiders. The key to an insecticide is that it depends on the insect coming into contact with the solution to work, but because spiders have long legs and have a very small surface contact with the ground, they are rarely killed by insecticide.

There are also a number of repellents on the market, but these will often prove to be ineffective, as spiders are very adaptable and will go where there is a sufficient insect population for them to eat.

Myths About Getting Rid Of Spiders
There are a number of different myths that have developed about getting rid of spiders, with a wide range of different natural remedies that promise to keep those eight legged spiders away. One of the most common myths is that horse chestnuts, commonly known as conkers, are a natural repellent and that spiders will avoid areas which have horse chestnuts. It is also believed that lemons and the fruit of the orange-osage tree are repellents. More unusual solutions claimed to repel spiders are canola oil and chewing tobacco distilled in water. There is no scientific evidence to suggest that any of these natural solutions are successful in repelling spiders.

The Consequence Of Getting Rid Of Spiders
Although they may not be the most attractive animals, spiders are actually very useful creatures to have in the home. Spiders will only really be found in a house with an insect population to feed the spider, so without spiders many people will see a growth in the insect population in their home, which is one of the side effects of getting rid of the spiders

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