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Is wild animal feces dangerous to touch or breathe?

Many people are quite concerned about coming in contact with a wild animal, and rightfully so. You must always consider the fact that while an animal such as a raccoon or squirrel may look really cute, they are still wild animals. This means that they will act aggressively and even endanger you.

However, it is not just the fact that they may bite or scratch you that you should be concerned about. These animals will also leave their waste behind which can be dangerous to you as well.

Many wild animals carry such things as bacteria and parasites, which is released by the animal whenever they relieve themselves of their feces or urine. At that point, the bacteria or other pathogens are also released onto the ground or whatever other surface that the animal has relieved itself upon.

You may wonder if this animal feces is actually dangerous for you to touch or breathe? The honest answer to that is that it is most certainly dangerous to you.

Because of the bacteria that is contained in these animal’s feces, all that you need to do is come in contact with that and the bacteria will get on to you. What makes this even more dangerous is that many animal’s feces will become airborne as it dries. When you come in contact with the dried, airborne feces, you breathe that in allowing the bacteria to get into your respiratory tract. There, it can cause you a series of problems depending on what kind of bacteria is present.

It is for this reason that if you ever come in contact with an area on your property where a wild animal is relieving itself that before you clean that area that you ensure that you are wearing gloves cover your exposed skin, have a respiratory mask on, and goggles. This will make sure that you do not breathe then or allow that bacteria to get on you thus creating a health risk for you.

Parasites are also found in great commonality in the feces of animals. What happens with this is that if you come in contact with the feces then the parasite will burrow its way into your skin, then into your bloodstream where it will circulate to a vital organ such as your small intestine, heart, or lungs. There, he will start to grow and tell it can cause very severe illness is for you.

If that isn’t scary enough, the parasites can often become airborne when the feces become so as it dries. These are very small organisms that are often invisible to the naked eye, so you may not even be aware that they are present in the animal feces. This is another reason to ensure that you are always wearing protective clothing whenever you are claiming an area where wild animals have relieved themselves. It’s something you absolutely have to do to protect your health and ensure that you don’t become sick in some way. Read more: Florida Wildlife Control

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