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Why do skunks spray?

If you have ever come across a skunk then you know that these animals can leave a mark on you that you will not soon forget. While they are incredibly dangerous to you if they bite or scratch you because of the parasites and diseases they carry, it is that horrific spray that shoots out of the anal glands that everyone remembers.

Even if you have not been attacked by one of these animals, you have most certainly come across the noxious smell that these animals’ spray can produce. Many have driven past an area where a skunk has been killed when it was hit by a car. When these animals die the spray is automatically released from the anal glands as a sort of last ditch effort at revenge. This is then left for days as you drive by, leaving you to “enjoy” this terrible smell.

Why Do Skunks Spray?

This smell is so horrible, it may make you wonder why these animals do this? Why is it that they would use such a horrific spray to use against those that come near it?

The answer to that question comes in the question itself. This is a truly horrific and noxious smell, and human beings are not the only ones that think so. Virtually all predators think that this spray is horrific, not only because of the smell that it gives off, but also because the odor can be very irritating to the eyes. If it is sprayed directly into the face it can cause the approaching animal to be blinded for a short period of time, giving the skunk plenty of time to get away.

Because of the effect that it has on other animals, this is why the skunk uses it. It is God’s defense for these animals. When they turn to spray their approaching predator, the other animal becomes so overwhelmed by the effects of the spray that it leaves the skunk alone, and frequently runs away trying to get the smell and effects off of it as quickly as possible.

Sadly, this is not an easy task at all. It can take quite some time for the smell to finally leave all together. This can make for some very unhappy days, especially if you are a person and your loved one does not want you coming anywhere near him or her. I can be a lonely time while this dissipates.

While many may be quite aware that these animals release this spray, what is not known by the vast majority of people is that they are deadly accurate with it. This is quite amazing considering that they are turned with their butt toward the person, but a skunk can accurately hit its target within 25 feet. Read more: Skunk Control, how to kill skunks.

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