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Where do skunks live?

If you have come across a skunk in your yard, then the answer to this question for you is that these animals live in an environment that is just like yours. Otherwise, why would they be in your yard?

That seems to make sense, but there are locations that make a lot more sense for a skunk to live in, which means that they will be found there a lot more frequently. For those looking for a definitive location, it is most likely to find skunks in more rural settings, and the reasons are quite easy to figure out why.

First, skunks like an area where they can find food easily. Rural settings offer many of the foods that they love to eat, like bugs, small mammals, and berries. They are readily available and because a skunk usually has a much stronger sense of smell and better hearing than these critters it usually has a pretty sizable advantage in its hunting. That makes this the ideal hunting grounds for it.

In rural areas it is much more likely to find a place to make a nest where it would not be disturbed. While there will be places in urban or suburban areas where there will be places to make a home in, like an attic or in the shed of a home or business, the rural setting allows for a lot more opportunities to find a place where it can be left alone.

Because of this you are more likely to find them in forested areas or meadows where there are plenty of trees, rocks, and holes that would make for the ideal respite. The skunk will also like to make a home in places like farms, another reason why you will see them quite frequently in the rural areas. Think about how many great places there are to set up residence in and around a farm. The barn alone offers many locations, and there is always plenty of food to eat.

While skunks have a preference on what they would like to eat, they are omnivores, and so they will eat a lot of different things. A farm offers lots of food alternatives, and this is why so many skunks find it the ideal place to go to for food.

While they are more often found in the rural settings, no one should believe for a second that they cannot be found just about anywhere. With so many rural settings disappearing, these animals have to spread out and find other places for food and lodging. That can mean that your apartment complex could be the ideal site for this animal to make its new home out of. Read more: Skunk Control, how to kill skunks.

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