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What equipment is needed to trap a skunk?

We live in a do it yourself society, where lots of men and women want to resolve problems on their own. It does not matter if you are talking about fixing a broken lamp, changing the oil, or adding on a new room, there are many who think that they can handle any situation and will give it a try if given the opportunity.

This includes the capture of wild animals that are in their home or on their property. Each year, tens of thousands of people catch raccoons, squirrels, bats, and other animals that have taken up residence in their attic, under their porch, or in their walls. They successfully trap the critters and are able to get rid of them safely without issue.

This leads many to think that trapping a skunk is not a real issue at all. They can use the same techniques they use to trap these other animals, and so they want to know what equipment they need to trap a skunk?

To be quite frank, common sense would dictate that the most essential equipment that you would need to trap a skunk would be a phone and the number to a professional who specializes in trapping skunks. Even if you do trap the animal, the next question is how do you remove it without being sprayed. The moment you come near it is going to turn and fire, so all you have a caged toxic odor sprayer. Hiring a professional to trap and remove the animal is the best option

However, it is understandable that some still will want to try this on their own, so here is what to do. Get a cage that is used for trapping wild animals. One where you can put bait inside. When the animal enters the cage closes and it will not be able to get out. Next, put some bait into it. While the skunk will eat just about anything, something that has a stronger smell is best because it is more likely to trap the animal. Meat or cheese is recommended. Peanut butter is good to.

When the animal is trapped now it is time to employ your best ninja routine. You need to sneak up on the cage so that the animal cannot see you and completely cover the cage with a cloth. If the skunk cannot see you it will not spray, so make sure that you hold the cloth us so you cannot be seen at all.

Once covered it is relatively safe to move the cage. Always wear gloves and make sure that all parts of the cage are covered at all times. This should make it so that you can trap and remove the animal. Read more: Skunk Control, how to kill skunks.

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