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Do skunks shed their fur?

The skunk is one of the most easily identifiable animals that you will find. Eveyone seems to know what a skunk is and what they do with they are cornered.

Despite this, there has always been a fascination with the skunk. This is particularly true because of the unusual appearance of their fur. While many are concerned about being sprayed by this animal, the reality is that these are one of the most beautiful animals that a person will come across. The beautiful, silky black fur of the skunk is absolutely spectacular, and the white streaks that go from its head down through its tail only add to the beauty of the skunk.

Many have sought to make skunk caps and other garments out of the fur of these animals. They are particularly fetching when worn and really add to the appearance that a person has when they are wearing them. This is part of what has helped to make them so popular.

The problem is getting that fur. Getting too close to a skunk can lead to you being sprayed and being the castoff from everyone for days while that scent wears off. Even if you kill the animal before it notices you, you still take the risk of it releasing its spray as it dies, ruining the fur anyway. There are those who have found ways to easily get the fur, but it requires some work and you may not find that particularly palatable as an option.

If you are simply looking for the fur to be able to use in some kind of garment then you should be aware that there is a very simple way to be able to get that fur. Skunks shed their fur as a natural process. They are very much like cats or dogs in this way. In fact, one of the traits of all mammals is the fact that they shed fur as part of their normal lifecycle. If you are in a location where skunks are known to live, you can probably find yourself some shed fur somewhere in the area where they are living.

As a caution to you, you should make sure that you thoroughly sanitize and sterilize anything you would get from a skunk before intending to use it. This is especially true of its fur. The reality is that skunks carry a large number of parasites and diseases on them, and you can easily get these by simply coming in contact with the fur. You should wear gloves when handling it and protect your eyes and your respiratory system so that none of the parasites can get off of the fur and into your body. It is truly better to be safe than sorry. Read more: Skunk Control, how to kill skunks.

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