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What if a skunk got inside my house?

So you wake up one day and come downstairs to the kitchen. Walk in and all of a sudden you notice that a skunk has gotten in and is rummaging through your kitchen looking for a snack. Sadly, this is a lot more common of an occurrence than many would think.

Every day, skunks find ways to get into people’s homes, making a person’s bedroom, kitchen, living room, or den their new residence as well. The things that make your home a comfortable and safe place to live are the same things that a skunk would like about your home as well.

Clearly, you cannot have this creature living in your home. The first time that you, a member of your family, or your pet disturbs it the animal is going to turn around and start spraying and your home is going to turn into a reeking mess. Plus, the skunk has no real reason to leave once it is inside. This is especially true if it is in your kitchen and has access to any of your food. You may be in some serious trouble here.

You could wait to see if it will go away, but that is no real option. If it does not, you may find it even harder to get rid of. Another option must be used.

With many wild animals you would be able to corner the creature and use some kind of means to trap it and get rid of it yourself. In fact, you would have a lot of success with most animals in doing this. The skunk is quite different however.

Even if you win with this animal you will likely lose. If you catch it, it could still spray you, and if you kill it the animal still releases its spray. Your home will smell like an abomination for days if not weeks. This truly is not worth it.

As sad as this is to say, the solution is to get someone to come out and catch the animal for you. While you may not want to pay these kinds of costs, you simply cannot take a risk here. This is your home and if the animal feels like it needs to protect itself it is going to do so. That means it will spray you, your home, and anything else in its pathway. This will totally ruin the whole feel of your house.

There are professionals in your area that will specialize in this kind of trapping and will know exactly what to do. You may even have some success with contacting the local animal control to come and get it, but you should not count on this being true. Read more: Skunk Control, how to kill skunks.

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