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Do skunks make good pets?

Many may read this headline and wonder to themselves if this is even a legitimate question. It is, though. This is something that many wonder, because deep down inside they look at the skunk and see that it is a pretty cute animal for the most part. The face is quite cute, and that fur is very soft. They would be great pets to snuggle up with at night.

They think of how others are able to domesticate other wild animals. Some have found a way to make a raccoon into a good pet. There are even those who have gotten a bear and a lion to be friendly and almost nurturing with them. If that can be done then a skunk shouldn’t be that hard to try to turn into a friendly animal.

That would seem to make sense, but much like those who try to domesticate the lion or the bear, one small mistake that your world will not be the same. If you upset the bear or lion one day it will turn on you quickly, resort to its natural instincts, and turn you into lunch. This is why it is quite foolish to attempt domestication of these animals.

While not as lethal, the skunk can be a dangerous animal to try to keep around as well. If they are upset they will turn those anal glands on you and make you smell like hell just rained down on you. All it takes is one time to make this happen and you will be quite unhappy.

Now you can have those glands removed, but these are still dangerous animals. Most skunks carry parasites and diseases that are quite dangerous to you, your family, and your pets. If you were to get these on you or breathe them in they can make you quite sick. Skunks even carry diseases like rabies, which means if you are bitten you can get very sick. If not treated right away you are in danger of dying. That is not worth it if you get down to it.

You could take the animal in and have it checked out and treated so that it is not sick, but you also have to consider that this is still a wild animal at heart. If upset at some point it can turn on you. While not as dangerous with the parasites and diseases gone, it can still scratch and bite you, and this can be quite dangerous to you.

They may seem like they would make cute pets, but this is something you simply cannot risk putting yourself through. You need to be smart and stick to a cat or dog. You will be a lot safer and do a lot less to endanger those in your household. Read more: Skunk Control, how to kill skunks.

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