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How to use one-way exclusion funnels to remove skunks

Your home is supposed to be the place where you get to enjoy having some peace and quiet. You are the king or queen of your home. This is your domain where you get to shut out the world and enjoy life that way that it was intended.

However, there are instances where your dream home can become a nightmare. Where that peace and tranquility can quickly be shattered and you lose one of the primary reasons why you wanted your home. This can really cause life to become almost over burdening.

One of these instances is when a skunk has found a way into the attic of your home. These animals are looking for a secluded spot to rest and have their own peace and tranquility, and a person’s attic is the ideal location. Most of these rooms are not used in the vast majority of people’s homes and it is often used as a kind of storage. This means that there are so many different things to use for nesting material, including newspaper, blankets and old clothing. The attic is the ideal place for a skunk.

Of course, you do not want that to be true, so you want to scare them out permanently without them spraying you and making your life hell. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through the use of the one-way exclusion funnel.

To use this is quite simple. First, find the way that the skunk is getting into your home from the outside. You will need to do a check, and this is best done during the day. Look for cracks, holes, or loose boards that would be ideal for the skunk to use as access into your home. If you find more than one, seal all the others except the one that is closest to where the skunks nest is at.

On the opening, place the one-way exclusion funnel against the side of the home, with the larger end against the house. While it is still light out, put a large lamp and a set of speakers into the attic. Make sure that you are quiet about it, as skunks are not nocturnal animals, so if you make a lot of noise it may disturb it and cause it to spray you.

When it is getting to be dusk, turn on the light and blast the speakers. It will startle the skunk which will run for the hole it uses to get out. Down the funnel it will go to get out, and once outside it cannot get in. the exclusion funnel is built for one-way exit, but does not allow the skunk back in.

The next day seals that access well and your problem is resolved. Read more: Skunk Control, how to kill skunks.

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