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Rats and Squirrels Chew on Wires in Attics and Leave Waste

Here are some more photos of the damage rodents can leave behind in attics. I've seen wood, wires, and even attic plumbing lines chewed upon. Rodents also leave numerous droppings and nesting material.

More rodent chewing on wires.

If left unchecked rodents can fill insulation with poop and pee.

This nest of leaves was surrounded by droppings.

Sometimes droppings can accumulate in great numbers.

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It's not wise to let rodents live in the attic of your house. As you can see, they frequently chew on wires, which can not only cause electrical shortages, but can pose a fire hazard. In addition, they leave rat poop all over the place, which is not only disgusting, but a potential health risk. For more information about wildlife diseases click here. In addition, the droppings and urine can attract new rodents to the attic, and it's best to have the mess cleaned up and deodorized, which is a service we, and any reputable rodent removal company, provides.

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