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Do raccoons live in trees or sleep in trees?

The raccoon is a very creative and intelligent animal in many ways. While having a rather small brain, they are able to navigate themselves through a wide number of challenges to be able to maintain their survival. Raccoons are just very creative in the way that the figure out how to make a way in life that allows them to gain the nutrition they need and the shelter that they desire.

One area where raccoons are quite inventive is in finding a location for them to sleep. Not only are these animals able to dig holes that they use for a den, but they are also able to find other kinds of locations that make for the ideal residence. This may make you wonder do raccoons live in trees or sleep in trees?

That is kind of a tricky question to ask because the answer is yes but not in the way that you may consider. While it has happened, it is very unlikely that a raccoon will live in the branches of the tree. These are not animals that are particularly agile, so working their way across a series of tree branches and then expecting to sleep in them without falling out is not one of their more marketable traits. It just isn’t the most feasible option for them.

However, if there is a hole in the trunk of the tree then this is an entirely different story. This would make the ideal home for a raccoon, because they find that it is very much like the den that they could create in the ground.

If you consider the hole that appears in the trunk of a tree that it is easy to see why a raccoon would find this to be the ideal home. Not only does it offer a good amount of space normally, but there is also the added portion of protection. Another animal is not going to gain access into the trunk by coming through alternative means, which gives the raccoon only one location that he or she must protect to keep animals out.

In addition, some holes that are in the lower portions of trees go primarily into the root area of the tree itself. This can make for ideal cover and concealment so that other animals will not even be aware that the raccoon is there. The roots create additional cover and add layers of protection that make it so that the raccoon can feel a little safer while it is sleeping.

In some instances, where the hole in the trunk is in the upper portion of a tree, there are raccoons that will work their way across the branches to get into those spots to turn into their home. However, the branches themselves need to be quite sturdy and thick enough for the raccoon to be able to get across without falling off of the branch. This is not frequently available to the raccoon, and so you don’t see a lot of them living in trees. Read more: Raccoon Control, how to get rid of raccoons, Raccoon Feces, How to get raccoons out of the ceiling.

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