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Can raccoons open doors or windows?

If you have watched movies or television shows that are featuring raccoons, then you are probably well aware that these are rather mischievous animals to say the least. They knock over garbage cans to get food, and if you have left open your back door giving them access into your kitchen then watch out! They can truly make a mess that is beyond words.

This is just in the nature of a raccoon. They are curious animals, who are looking for as many opportunities to find food and shelter as one can imagine. It’s a natural trait to them, which is enabled raccoons to thrive throughout North America for thousands of years.

The raccoon has very sharp claws that not only allow it to dig holes to create a den for itself in which to live, but can also enable it to find food by either digging it out of the ground or by capturing small insects and rodents to eat for food. This is part of the incredible survival technique that is helped raccoons to thrive all across the continent.

With sharp claws and a mischievous attitude, this may make you wonder if raccoons are able to open doors or windows? That’s an interesting question because the fact of the matter is that they can.

Now no one is saying that if your front door is dead bolted or if you have the lock on the window that the raccoon is going to pick the lock or figure out some way to jimmy the lock on the window so that they can gain access. That is not the case at all.

What a raccoon can do is dig at a window or door way to enable itself to be able to get in. Frequently, the way that a raccoon has gain access through a window is if there is already some kind of damage to the window itself or if it is left partially open. In these cases, the raccoon will simply work at the window with his or her sharp claws and tell it is able to open and enough to be able to gain access.

The screen really poses no limitation to the raccoon. Because of the fact of how sharp their claws are, they are frequently able to tear or cut the screen so that it is not able to stop them from getting in. Once they have the screen out of the way, then it is simply a matter of working on the window with their claw to either open it further or to tear apart the damage peace and tell they are able to get in.

Doors are an entirely different story. In less the door is left open, even a small bit, then there is no real way that a raccoon will get through the door. Most doors are made of a very solid material that is simply too much of an obstacle for the raccoon to overcome. You just need to make sure you keep your doors closed. Read more: Raccoon Control, how to get rid of raccoons, Raccoon Feces, How to get raccoons out of the ceiling.

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