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Can raccoons jump onto houses or over fences?

Racoons are very mischievous animals. If you live out in the woods somewhere you have probably come across one of these animals before. If you have left a door open to your home or cabin then you may know them all too well. These animals know how to get into things and it is likely that if they have been able to get into your kitchen or other area of your home that they were able to make quite a mess as they did so. Truly, if you give a raccoon a small window of opportunity they will make you pay for it.

There are likely many instances where you have seen a raccoon get him or herself into some rather peculiar places. Many have watched these little critters walk their way across fence lines or tree branches to gain access to somebody’s house. This may make you wonder can raccoons jump onto houses or over fences?

Dealing with the second part first, the fact is that raccoons are not really jumping animals. While part of the same family of animals as squirrels, they do not have the hind legs that a squirrel does and so their ability to jump is fairly limited. This means that they are not going to be leaping over your fence to gain access into your yard.

How a raccoon most often gets over a fence and on to somebody’s property occurs in one of three ways. First, if the fence is just to ground-level and not buried underneath the ground, that it is likely that the raccoon will simply dig his or her way underneath the fence. Also, if the fence is quite short, less than 2 feet for example, then the raccoon will simply pull him or herself over the fence. This is how they are able to get onto your property.

The other way that a raccoon can have success like this is by using something like a tree branch to get over the fence. While raccoons are not real climbing kinds of animals, if they gain access to a tree through other means then it is likely that they can then use the tree branch as a form of transportation to get over your fence or the fence of another person.

How a raccoon frequently is able to get onto a fence or climb onto another property is when it already has gain access to a location which gives it some elevation. Frequently, raccoons will get into people’s attics and if they have pushed out a piece of the siding or loosened a portion of it, they can then use that as a pathway out of the attic and onto a branch or wire that allows them to get to other locations.

From there, they can then get onto the roof of other homes or simply drop down to a deck or other location where they can continue to forage and look for food. These are the most agile animals but they are quite clever. Read more: Raccoon Control, how to get rid of raccoons, Raccoon Feces, How to get raccoons out of the ceiling.

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