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Do raccoons burrow or dig holes?

Like any other animal on earth, raccoons are looking for a place to call their home. For homeowners, this can sadly mean that they will build their residence within your attic, under your porch, or in your shed. They are looking for a place where they can have some peace and quiet while also having a safe place to sleep, and these places on your property can afford them that very opportunity. You may not like them setting up residence in your home, but there are many instances where people have found that a raccoon is doing just that.

While some are fortunate enough to be able to live in this way, the vast majority are living in rural or forest areas where they find shelter in a wide variety of areas. Commonplaces for a raccoon to build his home are in hollowed out trees, or under logs that they locate and find provide them shelter.

However, some raccoons will go to the extent of actually building their own home for themselves. Because of their sharp claws they are able to create their own opportunity to build a home, which may make you wonder if raccoons burrow or dig holes?

The answer to that is most definitely yes. Most of the dens that a raccoon will live in are ones that they have created themselves by digging with their sharp claws. They will burrow their way through the dirt and can build a rather elaborate house for themselves which affords them protection from the elements as well as gives them advantages in defending that den from potential predators.

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This is one of the most frequent styles of home that a raccoon will use. Because it affords them the safety that they need and they can build these in virtually any location, a raccoon will spend the time and effort to ensure that it’s getting a good hole dug to use as its den.

However, it should be noted that this is not the only reason that a raccoon would dig or burrow into the ground. Frequently people build fences around their property that go directly along the surface of the ground. They think that this is helping to keep animals like raccoons out, but these little critters are able to dig their way underneath the fence to be able to get onto your property.

In fact, most people that you talk to will advise that whatever fence you put in is dug at least a foot into the ground and buried so that the raccoon is not able to easily gain access to your property. They will work at the covered fence for a time but will eventually give up because it is simply too deep for them. This is a lot of extra work for you, but it ensures that you will have success in keeping them out.

Without the ability to take the raccoon would not survive. They need that to create shelter, to gain access to places, and even to dig for food. Read more: Raccoon Control, how to get rid of raccoons, Raccoon Feces, How to get raccoons out of the ceiling.

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