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Do raccoons eat mice / rats?

There are many people who have come out of their garbage can one evening to find that a raccoon has gotten inside the can it is now making your waste it’s evening meal. This can be extremely frustrating because these are dirty animals that not only leave disease behind but also can make quite a mess of your yard. You sure don’t want to find orange peels, pork fat, and old spaghetti noodles strewn all over your yard, but this is the kind of path that a raccoon will leave as it scurries away from your yard with its evening meal.

You look through your garbage as you are cleaning it up and wonder how could these animals eat this kind of food? Is there really anything that they will not eat? This may make you wonder do raccoons even eat mice and rats?

That’s an interesting question. The truth of the matter is that raccoons will eat virtually anything. These animals are true omnivores, which means that anything that can satisfy their tummy will be food that they will eat. While not as inclusive as say the goat, they still will eat a diverse amount of food, because it is what helps to survive.

In terms of such things as vegetation, raccoons are known to eat berries, fruit, grain, nuts, and vegetables. This is why you will frequently find them rummaging through your garden to be able to eat the wholesome fruits and vegetables that you have grown. This is clearly something no home gardener wants to see happen, but it does occur frequently.

Raccoons are also known to eat meat as well. Not only will they eat insects, especially larger ones like crickets and roaches, but are known to frequently take eggs from birds’ nests and will eat birds, fish, frogs, and different kinds of shellfish. If they can get it in their mouths that you can guarantee that they will try to eat.

So, do they eat mice and rats? The fact is that depending on the environment that they are living in they will eat virtually anything. If there are better options available to them, that they will look for those better options. What better means here is something that is less of a risk to them to try to capture and eat. They may find that eggs or insects would make a significantly better choice because they are easier to get. However, if these food sources are not available to them that it would only make sense for them to look at rats and mice as a meal if that is all that they have available.

Raccoons are not afraid to hunt and eat what they have captured. They have very sharp claws and their teeth are quite sharp as well. They can easily puncture and control a rat or mouse in virtually no time at all and make it their meal. So truly no small rodent is safe from this critter. Read more: Raccoon Control, how to get rid of raccoons, Raccoon Feces, How to get raccoons out of the ceiling.

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