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What to do if you are bitten by a raccoon

There are many people in the world greatly over react to events that occur around them. They have a little sniffle or a minor headache and they believe that the nearest plague has come upon them. Hypochondriacs are clearly something that is more common than we may know.

However, there are times when things occur that taking the most drastic measures to ensure that your health is maintained are important. This includes when you are bitten by an animal like a raccoon.

A raccoon is one of the most dangerous animals to your health, not because they can do you serious damage from the bite or scratch that they cause, which can be dangerous it should be noted, but primarily because of the diseases and pathogens that they carry with them that can risk your health.

The average raccoon is likely to carry a large number of bacteria and viruses that can be dangerous to your health. Parasites are also quite common in raccoons. When these pathogens get into your body they can lead to a wide variety of illnesses which can be quite dangerous to you. In fact, about 25% of raccoons are known to carry rabies. If this is not treated right away you can be sure that you were going to be quite sick and this will eventually even lead to death. That is not an exaggeration at all. Rabies is a terminal illness if not treated right away.

You want to make sure that you take every precaution necessary, so what do you do if you are bitten by a raccoon?

The first thing to do is to not panic. This is important for several reasons, with the most important being that speeding up your heart rate can actually increase the rate at which the bacteria or pathogen is spreading. Stay calm and think rational at this point.

Next, you want to get to an emergency room or urgent care as quickly as possible. If you are out in the wilderness and far from the hospital or doctor’s office, then make sure you contact the Ranger station immediately. This is not a time to delay and it is also not a time to walk for miles to locate the nearest medical facility. You need to get treatment right away, and so contacting the Ranger or emergency medical unit is the way to go to keep yourself safe.

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If you are close to a hospital or emergency care facility, then it is safe to drive yourself. Just remain calm while you do so.

It is also helpful if you are able to provide as much information as possible about where the raccoon may be located. While it may be unlikely that they can find the raccoon that bit you, you may save yourself a huge amount of suffering if they are able to ensure that you were not bitten by one that contained rabies. Otherwise, you are going to begin the vaccinations which are not fun, but which must be done to prevent the disease. Read more: Raccoon Control, how to get rid of raccoons, Raccoon Feces, How to get raccoons out of the ceiling.

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