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Orlando Rat Control & Removal of Rats

The below photos are all from Orlando area attics: from left to right, Lake Mary, Winter Park, Conway Area, and Apopka.

We are the very best when it comes to Orlando rat control. Orlando is full of rats - the most common species is the Roof Rat (rattus rattus), also known as the Citrus Rat or Fruit Rat in these parts. Rats commonly depend on or thrive in human-occupied areas. They commonly live inside buildings and homes, the walls and attic, in particular. The first symptom of a rat infestation is usually the noise that they make. People report hearing them running around at night, scurrying or scratching about in the walls or attic. People may also notice rat activity inside the house, such as droppings or gnawing on food items, but most of the time, the rats stay in the attic or wall spaces. There, they nest and breed and poop and pee and chew on wires and do the other things that rats do. If they detect a food source and point of entry into the house, they will enter the house eventually, but most of the activity is in the attic space. They will enter the house by many access points. They can enter ground-level vents and then crawl up the walls. They can climb any surface, and enter through any attic vent. They often get in through gaps in the architecture, such as eave gaps or fascia boards. They usually have many areas of entry.

The only way to solve the rat problem is to find all of these open entry points and close them off permanently, with steel, which rats can't chew through. We trap and remove all the rats (a much better approach than ineffective poison) and seal off all entry points, in order to provide a permanent solution to your rat problem in Orlando.

We service the entire Orlando area, including Winter Park, Longwood, Casselberry, Apopka, Oviedo, Winter Springs, Maitland, Doctor Phillips, Winter Garden, Conway, Heathrow, Lake Mary, Metro West, and pretty much everywhere. Rats are very common in Orlando, and responsible for a lot of property damage and disease transmission to both people and pets.

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