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What is an opossum’s natural diet, and how does it get its food?

The opossum is an omnivore. This means that it will eat anything, and when we say anything that is what we mean. These animals will definitely eat anything.

Because their teeth are sharp, over 50 of them in fact, they can break into a lot of things that allow them to have access to just about any food source. This makes the foods that they will eat even more diverse.

While they will eat just about anything, there are preferences that they have. Meat is one of the tastiest treats to these animals. This is why one of the best baits that can be used if you intend to trap them is a meat ball. They love the smell, they love the taste, and they will go right after it, even if it has been sitting outside for some time. They simply love it.

They will also go for sources of meat that are still alive. This means that the opossum will eat such things as insects, snails, and small rodents like mice and rats. They are very tasty to the opossum and they will gladly enjoy it as a meal.

Vegetables and fruits are also a desired item. They love berries, primarily because they are sweet, and they appeal to the sweet tooth in the possum. Corn is also something these animals love to eat. They will also devour other vegetables, particularly lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, and beets.

Proving that they are true omnivores, a possum will also make leaves and grass into a tasty treat. They will eat just about any kind of plant that grows, that is the ones that are not poisonous to it, so they can get a meal from just about anywhere.

There are many manmade foods that the possum likes as well. One of the favorites of this animal is the marshmallow. Again, it is a very tasty treat and also sweet, so the possum likes that. This is another one of those items that makes for the perfect bait item.

Bread is another item that possums love to eat. They will go for it without any issue. They love the taste and it can keep for quite some time. This is the most popular item that people use in traps to attract the possum.

All of these are things that the opossums love, but consider that they will eat just about anything. Any food you throw out in your garbage an opossum will go for. They will dig at and through your garbage looking for things that would make you sick, but they will find to be absolutely amazing. So if you are looking for what is the natural diet of the animal, the truth is just about anything they can get their mouth on. Read more: Opossum Control, How to Get Rid of Opossums, Opossum Feces.

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