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How to find and remove a dead opossum

Getting rid of a dead opossum on your property can be a lot more of a challenge than you may imagine. Because of the parasites and diseases that these animals carry, it is not just a matter of picking it up and throwing it in the garbage. There are special precautions you have to take to make sure you don’t get sick trying to dispose of the dead critter.

Of course, it begins with finding the dead animal. You may have known that an opossum was around your home, but when you saw that it wasn’t around for a while you began to wonder if it died someone on or in your property. This means you have to find the dead body, or at least search to see if there is one, before you look to get rid of it.

The first place to start is in the places where the animal could hide well. This is especially true of such places as your attic, shed, under your porch, or any other place that is dark during the day and is quite secluded. Because these are nocturnal animals, they need to sleep during the day, and so the most secluded places they can find are best for them. Take a look around your home at places like this to see if you can find the animal.

If it has been a few days then the next way to look is with your nose. This animal is going to smell really ripe and real quick. You will have to look to see if you can find it by smelling around. If you can smell the rotting body, then you have found it.

Once you have located the animal, then the next thing to do is work on disposal. Understand that many of the parasites on this animal can become airborne if you do too much jostling around, so take it easy when you get rid of this beast. You will need to wear gloves, goggles, a mask to cover your nose and mouth, and clothing that will cover all your exposed skin. Don’t give these germs an avenue to get onto your skin or into your airway.

When you pick up the animal, do so with gloves or with some kind of mechanism that allows you to grasp it without touching it directly. The less direct contact the better.

Dispose of it into a plastic bag and then double-bag the animal to make sure that those germs cannot get out easily, and to keep other animals away from it. You should dispose of this in a garbage can where the lid is on tight. That will keep other animals away from it as well, which is a must. Read more: Opossum Control, How to Get Rid of Opossums, Opossum Feces.

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