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Will the city or county animal services help me with an opossum issue?

No matter where you may live in the country, you are going to come in contact with wild animals at times. In fact, it is not too uncommon for people living in the suburbs of a major city to see a bear or mountain lion making its way down the street. While rare, they do happen at times, and they can be an absolute shocker when it they come around.

These are still quite uncommon for most people to see. The more common problem that people face is when animals like squirrels, rats, the opossum or raccoon comes around their home. These are animals that can be seen almost daily in some areas, so they become as much a part of the neighborhood as Mrs. Smith and the next door neighbor’s dog.

While they can be common, these animals can be quite a nuisance, especially an animal like the opossum. These are wild animals will get into everything and will turn your dream home into a nightmare should they figure out to get into your house. These are crafty animals, and if they can find a loose board or a crack in the siding of your house they may try to get into the walls or the attic and make your home into their residence at well.

At the very least, they may you see your garbage cans or your pet’s dish as a great source for food or water. Things you get rid of they will find quite appetizing and that can mean you will attract one or more of these critters simply by the food you are throwing away. That is sad but it is the reality.

When this occurs you want to get rid of them. You don’t want one of these creatures making a nightly run to your garbage cans or making a home inside your attic, so your first reaction may be to call animal control to see if they would assist you in getting rid of your opossum problem. That begs the question if your city or county animal services would help you with an opossum problem? The answer, in the vast majority of cases is no.

These are quite common animals, so removing them is like removing cats from the neighborhood. They are as much a part of the landscape of many communities as people and cars. They simply have no reason to do so. The one time that they will is if there is an issue with the animal being visibly ill. If you notice that an opossum is out in the day, something they don’t do unless they are sick, or they are foaming at the mouth, then they will likely come to help. These animals are quite dangerous then and must be removed for the safety of the whole community. Read more: Opossum Control, How to Get Rid of Opossums, Opossum Feces.

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