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Removal of a Dead Opossum From An Attic

I receive many calls about terrible odors inside homes as a result of dead animals. One of the common culprits is the opossum, also known as the possum. Because this animal often chooses to live inside of attics, it often dies inside of attics. And when it does, holy moley, does it stink! An opossum is a large animal, and the stench is often unbearable. It is my job to enter the attic and find the dead animal and remove it.

*SNIFF! *SNIFF! *SNIFF! Hmm.... seems to be around this area. The homeowner already crawled around in the attic looking for it, and could not find it. I, however, am the dead animal removal expert. My keen nose says it's right under this insulation.

BINGO! As usual, the opossum has dug underneath the insulation and died hidden. This is still in the early stage of decay, but the smell is extremely strong.

I remove the opossum and bag it, but what to do about these juices that have leaked out? They stink too. Ah, this trusty Bac-Azap biological odor eliminator will help neutralize the stench. Spritz, spritz. Mmmm...

I replace the insulation, and here it is, all bagged up and ready for removal. Problem solved!

Dead animal removal really is one of my top areas of expertise. I think of it as a treasure hunt! It's a lot of fun for me. It's rare that I get to use my nose to sniff out something I'm looking for. Lost car keys? I can't sniff them out. Lose the wallet? Nary a scent to trace. But a dead critter in the attic, now that I can get a whiff of. The moment that I find that rotting carcass, why it's Christmas morning for me.

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What eliminates possum scent? You should never underestimate the importance of bleach or a strong smelling disinfectant when you have a minor possum invasion in your home. Your mind may first spring to the fact that these creatures are dirty and therefore any surfaces and materials they come into contact with will need to be cleaned thoroughly. However, on top of this, the use of bleach will prove to be important to remove the actual scent of the animal. This, in turn, will actually help you in the long run to prevent the invasion of other possums, as well as other wild animals, and for the price of a bottle of bleach, it could be the best investment you ever make in this scenario. You should know that possums are very territorial creatures, which means they will use their urine and scent glands on their anus, chest and chin to leave their scent behind. This means that when you remove the possum from your home or yard, the urine and scent will still remain, and this is something that will fast attract other possums, especially if the original was removed. You are basically leaving a possum-smelling vacant space ready for another creature to move right on into. Using bleach will not only mask the scent left behind by the possum, but it will also remove the trails that it leaves behind. For the price of a small bottle of bleach, you could not only help to remove the original possum from your home, but you can also ensure that no others move into its place once it has been evicted.

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