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How big do mice get?

Mice are some of the most common rodents living close to humans. Considering the house mouse, they are regarded as the second largest in prevalence of the mammalian group in human inhabitations. While rat and mouse are two terms that are often used interchangeably and with the erroneous assumption that they are one and the same thing, they fall under two different species. One of the observable differences is the body size and the hair density on their bodies. Full grown rats are generally larger than their mice counterparts. While rats generally have a uniform color around the body mice do have a light color in their bellies.

But how large can mice get? Well, this question is not as straight forward as it sounds, for there are tens or perhaps hundreds varieties of mice available, each of which may attain different maximum growth sizes depending on numerous factors, including the environment they stay in. Common varieties of mice available include the house mouse, the field mouse, the deer mouse, wood mouse, spiny mouse as well as the zebra mouse, each of which possesses a few variations in relation to the other.

While mice grow from a length of one inch to eight inches, they vary significantly depending on the specific breed or variety with the average weight ranging between twenty and thirty five grams. The African pygmy, registered as the smallest known group of mice in body size and weight measures between three and eight inches, with the body weight of a full grown adult measuring below ten grams.

But there are several other notable variations too, and one of them is the field mouse. It is known for its large presence in the fields and rare visits to human establishments except in extreme weather conditions like winter. This kind measures between eight and ten centimeters body length, with the tail measuring between seven and nine centimeters for a full grown adult. A full grown male weighs twenty five grams while females weigh five grams less.

The yellow necked field mouse, common to the rural areas and known for causing electrical faults because of their stubborn habit to chew on electrical wires, measure slightly higher than majority of the other common mice groups. A full grown adult measures between 9.5 cm to 12 cm in body length, while the tail is between 7.5CM and 11CM. The weight ranges between fourteen grams and 45 grams – which underscores quite a wide variation for this particular group, but the upper limit being much more notably higher than majority of the rest.

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