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What attracts mice?

Like virtually any other animal, mice are driven by three primary instincts. These are its need for food, its need for a place to live, and its need to reproduce. Each one of these are of vital importance to the mouse if it is going to survive and propagate the species so it can continue to flourish. While it may seem that mice have a huge advantage over virtually any other animal, primarily because there are so many of them, the fact of the matter is that these animals are prey to many predators out there that would see a mouse as a tasty snack.

For the mouse, their safety and security begins with having a place where they can live and flourish, primarily because of the safety of where they live in the amount of food and water that is available to them. What attracts a mouse to a location is its ability to find food and shelter.

If you were trying to get rid of a mouse within your home, this can really work to your advantage. It is the things that a mouse needs that really make it so that it can be trapped or killed as it tries to fend for one of its primary needs.

Starting with the idea of food, a mouse is most attracted to things that have a rather strong odor to them. This is why many people leave cheese within a mouse trap to try to capture them. It is not that the cheese is any tastier to the mouse than say a strawberry or a banana, but is instead something that can be smelled by the mouse from a long distance away. This will attract it to the source where many people are able to catch or kill the rodent as it attempts to get the cheese.

Mice do not even care if something like cheese he comes moldy. Their primary focus is to find something to be able to eat and cheese, because it has such a strong smell, becomes the ideal food source for the animal.

A place to live is another reason that will attract these animals. Like any other creature, mice not only need a place to stay but also want to find one that is relatively safe, especially in comparison to others. This is why so many love to live within the walls of homes or businesses, because the vast majority of other animals cannot reach them so they are quite safe within this location.

Add the fact that many people have a ready supply of food in their home, especially in the form of crumbs and garbage that they leave around their kitchen, and it is easy to see why a mouse would be so attracted to your home.

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