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Can bats walk on the ground?

Bats are the only true mammal that is able to fly. Yes, there are some that are able to maintain a flightpath for a short period of time, but no other mammal is able to maintain itself in the air, quite like a bird, like the bat can. It is the one thing that truly distinguishes them from virtually every other mammal.

With wings

perfectly suited for flying, these creatures are able to fly long distances at night, up to 50 miles in one direction, before needing to return to their place of residence. They are truly remarkable animals that terrified the vast majority of people because of the way that they look. With beady eyes and sharp fangs no one wants to see this creature coming out in the middle of the night swooping down on them. It is part of what has made them an animal that scares the vast majority of people.

While you know that bats can fly, you may wonder if bats can walk on the ground? That’s an interesting question, because it would seem that there would be no real reason for them to be able to walk if they could fly. However, the truth is that a bat is very much like a bird in relation to this.

If you have ever visited a bat cave or been to a location at a zoo where bats exist then you are well aware that bats will walk along the ground at times. This not only gives them the ability to find food that they could eat, but it can be used for protection as well.

There are many instances where a bat has swooped into somebody’s barn to escape a predator, but they do not want to be hanging from the ceiling where that predator would have an opportunity to get them. Hawks and eagles find a bat to be quite a nutritional meal, and so the bat needs some additional means to be able to escape. How it is able to do that is by landing in a location and then walking itself behind some kind of barrel or haystack that shields it from discovery by the bird.

Bats will also walk once they have captured some kind of insect or other animal and are about to eat. It is very difficult for them to eat this food upside down, so most often they will land on the ground and use their very sharp and powerful claws to tear the food apart before eating. For them to be able to accomplish this task they must be able to remain on the ground and use their claws as a means to stand or walk around if needed.

You won’t see this occur a lot, primarily because bats come out only at night. However, if you do come across a bat don’t be surprised if you see it walking along the ground. This is a simple matter of being able to conduct their normal life processes. Read more: Bat Control

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