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Bat urine removal and urine stain removal

In the complicated busy schedule of life, keeping the house and its environs clean and tidy is not a very easy task. It requires commitment and dedication to the course. While tidying up is one thing, keeping the house free of stains and urine, more so urine and urine stains emanating from bats is a different thing altogether. It’s a deadly and unpleasant experience to go through. Bat urine is way far from appealing and the stains it may cause on your furniture and other structures are not a good thing to mention. When it comes to getting these stains away from these facilities it is surely not a pleasant job for anyone.

Bat urine is known to crystallize readily once it has been expelled from the body. This easy crystallization is a more serious cause for concern in warm conditions where it leaves behind a white powder constituting mainly of uric salts. Massive crystallization of these salts on wood will definitely affect the structural integrity of the building and its facilities and over time compromise on safety of the whole structure. With a large colony of bats roosting around, the accumulation of urine is going to be fast and its stench will readily popularize itself in the whole establishment or even the surrounding areas, which calls for an effective mechanism to have it undone as fast as possible.

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But cleaning urine stains, more so bat urine stays is a tricky task because of the high uric concentration that makes majority of the common cleaning chemicals a white elephant. Only the action of enzyme-based cleaning agents is able to remove the urine as well as reduce or eliminate the stench from this urine, which is primarily caused by bacteria breaking down the urine into various elements. The enzyme based cleaners use action that binds and breaks down the uric salts in this urine, ultimately removing them from the surfaces on which they may have been dropped.

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Before you start working on the removal of bat urine as well as the stains caused by this urine, ensure that you have the right equipment, especially protective clothing necessary for the job. This is because bat waste has been found to be hazardous and any direct contact with it may be a source of dangerous infections, including lunch diseases. Make the right mixture of the enzyme-based cleaner as per the instructions on t the cleaner – then wet the surface on which the urine or urine stains are located. Allow the cleaner to sit on these surfaces for up to eight hours – or otherwise as indicated on the specific cleaner instructions. Wash off the surface with a hard brush and rinse it thoroughly until the stains are wiped out.

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