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Do bats drink water? How?

Every animal on earth requires water for its survival. In fact, scientists recognize that without water no organism on the planet would survive. It is the most essential ingredient of all, and is the one thing that is always look for when scientists are trying to discover if life could exist on another planet.

The vast majority of scientists view this as an absolute necessity if life is going to exist anywhere else in the galaxy. Because water is needed for animals and plants here on earth, they conclude that it must be necessary for organisms that could potentially survive on another world somewhere out there in space. Water is truly an essential element of life that is needed everywhere.

While all animals find a way to consume water, some have a very irregular way of doing so. The manner in which human beings drink water is quite different than virtually any other animal. Only other primates have a similar manner in which they cup and consume water, but no other one actually creates a receptacle to pour the water into to be able to drink.

Most of the animals that you will see, including such things as deer, cats, and bears, stick their face into the water to be able to drink. They use their tongue to be able to lap up the water and continue to do so and tell they have reached a sufficient amount of water within their bodies. Once they are not thirsty, then they are done.

For the vast majority of animals it is quite easy for them to work their way up to a stream or river, then there had over and get water. But that is not true of the bat. These flying animals spend very little time on the ground, and are not particularly adept at walking for long periods of time. In addition, they don’t swim, so how do bats drink water?

Clearly, they must drink water for survival. No animal can survive without this compound, and so it is a necessity for them that they are able to do so. Where a bat is separated from most other animals is that it has a very unique process to be able to get water into its system.

Bats are flying animals, it can only hover above the surface of someplace for a very short period of time. This would not allow them to be able to float over the top of the water, thus putting their head in and lapping up water. That would not work for them.

Instead, the bat has a very unusual way of getting water. It will literally swoop down toward the water, putting its face into the water as it approaches it. With its mouth open it draws in the water and then proceeds to soar back into the air. It is a quick process that allows this animal to get water while not endangering itself in any way. It continues to process to get water each time it needs for as long as it needs. Read more: Bat Control

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