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Cute Baby Squirrel Found Down in Wall

I have worked with wild animals for many years, and the Eastern Gray Squirrel actually has the worst personality of any of the animals that I deal with, in my opinion. Everyone thinks that squirrels are cute, and they are in fact talented, but they are also ornery and stubborn and hyper and annoying. Regardless, this little fellow was okay in my book. He fell down the wall of an apartment. He had just reached that age in which he was big enough to explore the attic he was living in, but not big enough to know better, and down the wall he went, where he got stuck. I was called out with a normal "scratching noise in the wall" job, and I cut a hole in the wall and removed this juvenile squirrel.

I noticed that it was very docile (probably due to dehydration and exhaustion) and I could play with it. It could still move quickly, and was not much smaller than an adult, but it had the helpless demeanor of a baby. I set it up in some cute poses. Here we see it by a favorite food, the Norwegian Double Lump Peanut.

I wondered if it would climb a tree, but it chose to curl up and sit at the base of the tree. Another fine photo. After this, I brought it to a Florida state licensed wildlife rehabilitation specialist. She raises the squirrel, feeding it milk formula until it can eat solid foods, and later relocates it to the wild as an adult.

If you hear a scratching noise down in your wall, there's a good chance that a baby animal has fallen down. It could be a squirrel, a rat, a raccoon, or an opossum. I've cut all four of these out of the bottoms of walls many times. It's worth noting that even a baby animal can deliver a nasty bite, so these creatures should be treated with care. I recommend that you call a professional nuisance wildlife pest control company to get an animal out of a wall. The pro can cut the proper hole in the right spot, safely remove the animal, and transport it away.

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How To Get Rid Of Squirrels In The Ceiling or Wall - A ceiling or wall can be one of the toughest places to get squirrels out of. First of all it is not easy to get to and humans do not have the ability that squirrels have. The first thing you will need to do to learn how to get rid of squirrels in the ceiling is to find where the squirrels went in from. More than likely the squirrels found a place to get in the ceiling through the wall. That can be your outside wall instead of your inside wall but check both. The other place could be the roof and in some rare cases even the chimney. Once they get inside, they can access pretty much all of the internal architecture, and get down the walls, too. It is very rare for a squirrel to become stuck, but in some cases with slick drywall, it does happen, such as with the squirrel in the above photo that I cut out. Click here for photos of cutting a squirrel out of the wall.

If the squirrel is able to get in and out, you need to take care of the problem by trapping or exclusion outside, at the entry hole, not at the wall itself. Once you have found the spot outside, resist the urge to plug the hole. The reason you should not do that just yet is that if the squirrel is in there right now you will want to get it to go outside. If it isnít you may have to cut a hole to place a trap. The hole does not have to be very large, but large enough to fit the trap. Repellents are not usually effective so trying them may be a waste of money. The ceiling is the place where you should carefully consider using poison because how will you get the squirrel out of the ceiling or wall if it eats the poison? It will stink and you'll have to cut a hole in the drywall to get it out.

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