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Seminole County Florida Animal Control

If you have a DOG or a CAT problem, call the county at 407-665-5110 - FREE

If you have a WILDLIFE problem, call this business at 407-233-3838 - NOT FREE

Seminole County Animal Services provides animal control for residents within Seminole County, Florida. They deal with domestic animals only, which means that the county services deals with dogs and cats exclusively. If you are having some sort of dog or cat problem, and need the county to come out for free to take care of it, you should contact 407-665-5110. The Seminole County animal services division takes care of problems such as:
  • Nuisance & Dangerous Dogs - such as a pit-bull on the loose
  • Stray & Homeless Dogs & Cats - such as a litter of kittens under your porch
  • Neighbor Dog & Cat Complaints - like a loud, barking dog that won't shut up
  • Dog & Cat and Pet Adoptions - you have to go to their facility
  • Pet Vaccinations, Registrations, and other legal services for pets
  • 407-665-5110
If you have a problem with nuisance or pest wildlife, such as raccoons, opossums, snakes, or bats, Seminole County will not help you. Wild animals are not within the jurisdiction of the free county services. All wild animal problems are handled by the private sector. You must hire a specially trained and licensed wildlife control trapping company to assist with wild animal problems. These companies are privately run businesses, and do charge for their services. It is a special high-risk field that requires extensive training. For a list of prices offered by this company, click here. This is the best wildlife control service in Florida.
  • Raccoon, Opossum, Armadillo Removal
  • Removal of Rats & Squirrels in Attics
  • Complete Bat Control & Elimination
  • Removal of Dead Animals Inside Homes
  • Animal Damage Repairs & Attic Cleanup
  • 407-233-3838
Florida has many animal problems, from both wild mammals and reptiles, as well as domestic animals like cats and dogs. Conflicts between people and animals is inevitable. The county animal control and services in the state of Florida were originally created to stop animal problems and slow the spread of the deadly rabies virus. Thus, at first many government sponsored animal service programs would in fact help with issues arising from wild animals. However, this is no longer the case, because the problem is too large, and Seminole County doesn't have the funds. This is pretty much standard nationwide. Wildlife problems - such as raccoons living in the attic, rats crawling through the house, squirrels in the ceiling, armadillos digging under the porch, snakes in the grass, or bats in the belfry, the county will not help you. The county will remove dead animals in public areas or on the road, but not on private property, and certainly not within a house. In fact, if ANY animal, cat or dog included, is living in an attic or under a house, which does happen every now and then, the county will not provide assistance, because of the liability and risk in entering dangerous areas. If you want nuisance stray and feral cats trapped and removed from an attic, under a house, or if you just don't want so many of them on your property (such as near hotel dumpsters) you must hire a private animal trapping company. Please browse this site for more information about the wild animals of Seminole County, Florida.

Seminole County FL includes several major towns. Altamonte Springs Animal Control does not exist, nor does Longwood Animal Control. There are generally no animal services by town, except for Casselberry, for some reason. Winter Springs and Oveido don't have an animal services division that I'm aware of. The same goes for Lake Mary animal control and Sanford Animal Control. These towns all lie within Seminole County, so that's who you should call for your questions and concerns regarding cat issues and dog problems. Again, if you need professional wildlife removal services in these areas, you need to hire a professional animal pest control company. In rare cases, such as problems with two specific animals: black bears and alligators, you need to call the Florida Department of Fish & Game at 352.732.1225 If you simply need full-service wildlife control for your home or property, call us at 24/7 Wildlife at 407-233-3838 in Seminole County.

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