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Florida Bat Control Company - Exclusion & Removal Prices

Bat exclusion jobs are special. There are few skilled nuisance wildlife control operators who can safely and properly eliminate a colony from a building. This is a specialty job, requiring a set of unique skills. Fees for bat colony exclusion jobs are higher than for other animals, because the job requires greater skill. Experience is very important when doing bat jobs, and 24/7 Wildlife Removal has worked some of the toughest jobs in the county.

Each bat job is unique. Price depends upon a variety of factors, including, but not limited to:
  • Size of the building
  • Condition of the building
  • Amount of droppings
  • Difficulty of repairs or cleanup
  • Location of job

Bat Removal Project at a Resort A Large Group of Bats Under Barrel Tile A Lift Lets Me Reach Bats High in a Hotel Bats Tend to Live at the Peaks of Homes

SMALL: The simplest bat colony job would be a small building, such as a personal residence, with a small colony of bats, perhaps of 50 members or less. The building is in good shape, and doesn't require a whole lot of repair. The droppings are minimal, and don't require an extensive cleaning solution. Total cost: $350.00-$500.00

MEDIUM: Some of the factors have gone up. The building may be larger, or older, or the colony larger, or a combination. For example, a larger house with a medium colony, perhaps of 100 members. There are a fair amount of droppings, which require a more extensive cleaning job. There are several entry points, perhaps because part of the structure is old, or simply of complex architecture and repairs are thus more involved. Total cost: $500.00-$1500.00

LARGE: This typically involves a large building or a very large colony, or a tough situation, such as a tile roof with thousands of openings. Examples could include large apartment or commercial buildings, or very large colonies, of several hundred or even thousands of members. The biohazard posed by the large quantity of guano could be severe, and it requires extensive cleanup. The building could be old, the entry areas vast, and some of them difficult to reach. Total cost: $1500.00 on up.

An estimate of the final cost of the job will be provided upon inspection.

The price for removal of a single transient bat that has entered the house: $89.00 - $219.00 depending on distance and hour of night..

Call 407-233-3838 to discuss your bat problem, receive a preliminary ballpark estimate, and schedule an inspection.

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