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Scratching noises in the ceiling at night

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Many different types of animals can cause noise in the ceiling. Critters love to live in human buildings and houses, and attic spaces and the gaps between floors make great habitat for rats, squirrels, opossums, and raccoons. These animals are looking for a safe place to live and nest, and even raise young. If you hear scratching sounds in the ceiling at night or day, there are a few possibilities:

Noises During the Day: Most likely squirrels, particularly if the noises are scampering sounds in the morning and early evening. But sometimes other animals, such as raccoons, will make a little noise.

Noises During the Night: Could be mice, rats, bats, opossums, or raccoons, all of which are nocturnal animals. The level of sound can be deceiving, depending on factors like acoustics or location. Sometimes rats can sound very loud, and raccoons quiet. This is where an inspection of the house and attic or crawl space will reveal what types of critters you're dealing with.

Once you know what type of animal problem you have, you can address the problem appropriately. The most important step is an inspection of the outside of the building, to find out how the animals are getting in. It could be through vents, areas at ground level, roof areas such as eaves, and more. You need to trap and remove or exclude (via one-way removal doors) the animals, and if there are any babies, they need to be removed by hand. Once all of the animals have been removed, then the entry holes must be sealed up. Or, in the case of rats and mice, you actually seal the openings first, then trap the animals stuck inside.

Once the sounds in the ceiling at night stop, you know you've solved the problem.

How To Exterminate Squirrels From Inside The Ceiling Of My House - If you have seen or heard noise in the ceiling, do not be afraid because it is not ghosts, more than likely it is a squirrel. Squirrels love it up there, and unfortunately the ceiling and attic does provide almost everything that squirrels need. If they also had food there they would be in squirrel heaven. Having squirrels in the attic however is not something that home owners enjoy. If you have the rodents up there you may be asking how to exterminate squirrels from inside the attic of my house. The good news is that it is not as challenging as you may have thought. You should try your best to avoid the temptation to use poison. When people use poison to kill the squirrels often they are frustrated about not being able to get the squirrels out, they end up with a rotten smell in their home that lasts for days. The best thing that you can do is to use traps. The traps can be found in several varieties including lethal and non-lethal. If you want to know how to exterminate squirrels from inside the attic of my home then you should use the lethal kind. You should make sure however that you will be able to handle them once they have the squirrel inside, because after all they will need to be cleaned.

Here's a customer story about this exact situation: "Hey! We have been hearing scratches and creatures running around in the flooring between the main floor and the upstairs of our home. We hear it in the walls of our house as well. I am not sure what kind of creature it is. This has been going on for a long time now and I am getting so sick and tired of it. The noise isn't constant nor do we hear it everyday. It comes and goes. When I hear it I try to bang on the walls and cieling to scare it but it just comes back. We had racoons living in the awning of our house and we cought what we thought was all of them. I am not sure if it is another racoon or what. Also, we cannot find a whole or a place where it is coming and going. We don't have a ton of $ because we just had to pay 2000 for a plumbing problem but I am scared that the animal will cause major problems if we dont nip it in the butt. If you could please tell me what I can do or who I should contact that would be wonderful. Thanks. " Erin

My response: You need a full home inspection, to find out what type of animal(s) you have, and how they are getting into your house and into the space between your floors. You can find a wildlife expert on my national directory of wildlife trappers if you need professional help with your animal in the ceiling problem.

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