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Florida Bobcat Capture, 12/31/03

I set some unbaited armadillo traps at a home one day, only to have the customer call the next morning speaking of a strange and aggressive cat, suggesting that it might be a bobcat. I was of course very sceptical, thinking that only a normal stray cat had wandered into the cage, perhaps smelling a previous animal catch, or just out of curiosity. However, when I arrived at the home, lo and behold, I'll be a monkey's uncle if it wasn't a small, but genuine, bobcat. I took some photos of this beautiful animal before releasing it back to its native habitat, right where it was captured.

The wary cat never took its eyes off of me.

Note the long, thick legs, and tiny tail.

This beautiful cat had large paws with huge claws.

Off it leaps to freedom!

I was very excited to catch this Florida Bobcat. People often ask me, "what's the strangest animal you've ever caught?", and the truth of the matter is that I don't catch many strange animals. I tend to catch the same stuff over and over again. However, I was pleased to get something different - and a rare and beautiful animal at that. I operate a professional wildlife removal business in Orlando Florida. It is not a pest control or extermination company, nor is it the county animal control. It is a privately owned nuisance critter and wildlife control business. For more company information, just browse this site.

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How to trap a bobcat - Bobcats are quiet rare in the previous years but as their population are uncontrolled and are quite increasing in numbers, they are now trying to make a comeback and are often the cause of problems of many farmers and agricultural owners. Bobcats generally look like cats or kittens but they are quite bigger than the normal size of our household feline pets. As of the moment no repellents and other methods of eradication have been listed so they might just be a great heap of a problem in case they invade your property.

There are some methods however, which can be used to prevent them from totally invading your property. One of these methods is in the form of exclusion. You can try to surround your entire property with wires or fences which is a way for you to separate your property from the possibility of being an alternative dwelling place for them. If you happen to have a livestock or farm of course it is really necessary to make sure they are kept in a secure and tight closed shelter which would prohibit the entrance of these bobcats.

One other way to control them is to make sure that your surrounding is well mowed and free from any brush or timber piles which can attract them to make a dwelling in your property. You have to have a sure limit between the surrounding meadows or plains that might present itself as a bobcat habitat to your own place by generally keeping your surroundings clean, organized and tidy.

Frightening them can also help. You can try to surround your area with bright lights with motion detectors so they can easily light up when their sensors are reached. This way it would give an impression that there are people trying to make rounds within the property or near your poultry. One more thing that could possibly scare them is the use of loud music or perhaps you can install some ultrasonic sound detectors which can affect their hearing and would make them quite uncomfortable to stay within close range of where the sounds are coming from. Another helpful tip is placing a canine near your livestock to guard them against the onslaught of these predators especially at night.

An effective method against all other forms of pests and wildlife and can also be applicable to bobcats is the use of mimicry or imitation of the predators that usually feeds on them. You can try to use their scents or perhaps their howls to try to instill fear in the hearts of these unwelcome strangers to your dwelling, letting them know the existence of something more powerful than them and who have the ability to make a meal out of them could easily scare them off. You can also try to do a little research on the scents that might make them weary because it often makes a good repellent.

If all things fail, then perhaps you should try to make a trap or buy one in any local store to get rid of your bobcat problems but before you do, make sure first that you have tried to check the regulations and state laws involving trapping these animals because there might be some issues with it that you do not have any knowledge about. If trapping is allowed then you can go ahead and put them in strategic places. Once done, again depending on your local state laws, you can release them in an area specifically designated to be their habitats or you can try to give them to wildlife agencies that would take care of them for you. Otherwise, if allowed you can try shooting at them.

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