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Why do Armadillos dig?

One of the main attributes of an Armadillo is that it has claw like front phalanges which help it to dig holes. There are several places where armadillos dig holes. These are under porches, houses and at tree bases. The main feeds of Armadillos are small insects, fruits and tiny invertebrates. These insects and small invertebrates are usually found on the soil, and more nutritious ones found deep in the soil. These holes can be destructive when done on a large scale or with many armadillos. This article will focus on the main reasons why an armadillo digs a hole.

Just like any other mammal, the armadillo has reasons for doing what it does. It has reasons why it digs holes all over its surrounding. The reasons why armadillos dig holes in the ground are:

1. To look for food
2. To hide from predators
3. To create shelters for themselves
4. To establish a favourable surrounding for their offspring
5. To create pathways for themselves

To look for food- Insects and small invertebrates are usually found in the soil. Most commonly they are found in soils that have substances that are of benefit to them. Some of these tiny invertebrates and insects are earthworms, ants, termites and bugs. They usually consume the nutrients found in the soil. The nutrients can come from the flowers that a person plants. An armadillo feeds on these insects found deep in the ground. To go deep into these soils, an armadillo must dig its way through to the location where these insects are. There are also some fruits which grow beneath the surface. These are what the armadillo feeds on too.

To hide from predators- There are some animals that are considered predators to armadillos. These are bob-cats and coyotes. They are capable of removing the hard shell that the armadillo possess and eat their flesh. The only option left for the armadillo is to run and hide. Therefore, they dig holes to help them hide from such predators. Common domestic dogs also chase armadillos. These holes can be deep enough not to allow the reach of a bob-cat or a coyote.

To create shelter for themselves- An armadillo might need a place to live in. This is why it digs a holes deep enough to sustain it. Several armadillos in one location mean several deep holes on the ground.

To establish favourable surrounding for their offspring- When a female armadillo feel that it is the correct time for the fertilized egg to be implanted, when it its almost time to give birth and when the weather and climatic conditions are suitable enough for birth, Then it will dig a hole in a favourable place.

To create pathways for themselves- The pathways through which armadillos enter and exit locations are most often holes. They are usually secure for the armadillo until a human finds it and removes it.

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