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Orlando Florida Snake Capture & Control

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I operate a snake capture and removal company based out of Central Florida. I specialize in the safe removal of unwanted snakes. This includes situations such as a snake in the house (I've removed several from kitchens, living rooms, etc) and snakes in garages, porches, and lenais. I've caught several snakes in pools as well as under decks or under homes. I've also gotten snakes in attics. The most common thing that I deal with is snakes in the yard, in the bushes, etc. I humanely catch and removed and relocate these snakes.

We also sell a special trap designed just for snakes. It is very effective, and placed outside works 24-7-365 to trap snakes alive, and it is re-usable. Use this trap if you want to remove unwanted snakes from your property, or if you want to catch snakes for collection or observation. It works both inside the home or garage or outside and has a proven track record of hundreds of snake captures.

Click here to purchase our professional snake trap.

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