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How to get rid of snakes in Florida

Here's a snake in a snake sack, caught by 24/7 Wildlife Removal of Florida.

Wondering how to get rid of snakes? Go back to the snake removal page. for more info.

There are two primary ways to get rid of snakes. The first is physical capture, either by hand or with snake tongs or a snake hook. Snake removal by hand should only be performed by a person with extensive experience with snakes, familiar with their identification and behavior. Removal by hand is a good method if one is fast enough and can read snakes. It's a precise way to get the snake. Still, I often wear gloves, because even non-venomous snakes bite, and they can cause infection. If the snake is venomous, a snake hook or tongs can be used. The snake hook is meant to scoop up the snake (it drapes on the hook, it is not impaled), and the tongs are pictured above - they grab on to the snake. The snake can then be stored in a sack, such as shown above. That's me with a Black Racer in the bag. The other way to catch snakes is via use of a snake trap. I make my own snake traps, and they work very well, better than any other ones I've found on the market.

We sell a special trap designed just for snakes. It is very effective, and placed outside works 24-7-365 to trap snakes alive, and it is re-usable. Use this trap if you want to remove unwanted snakes from your property, or if you want to catch snakes for collection or observation. It works both inside the home or garage or outside and has a proven track record of hundreds of snake captures.

Click here to purchase our professional snake trap.

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