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Snake Glue Trap

This is one of several varieties of snake trap available for purchase on the market. It's basically just a thin cardboard box with glue inside. This is actually the most effective way to catch a snake. However, if you set this type of trap, you must be responsible about it - check it often! An animal stuck on the glue could suffer. Sometimes animals other than snakes get caught in the glue.

The snake crawls into the trap and gets stuck on the sticky glue. After I remove it from your property and bring it to a relocation point, I pour some vegetable oil on it, and it works itself loose from the glue in a few minutes.

There are several types of snake traps like this. Glue-based traps are really the only way to catch snakes. If you want to trap snakes yourself, please visit our snake trap page: buy snake trap. I prefer the plastic one that I designed, of course, since it is more durable than the cardboard one.

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