Professional Grade Snake Trap - Safely Traps and Removes Snakes! $24.95 + $4.95 S&H


If you have unwanted snakes on your property that you want to remove, or if you just want to trap snakes to observe, the SNAKE TRAP is an effective tool for the job. Just lay it down in the area you have seen snakes - in your garage, next to your house, in the shrubs. Snakes are lured into the trap and become ensnared on the biosafe adhesive inside. The snake is unable to move, and it can then be safely removed from the premises and relocated.

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18' x 10' x 2" completely weatherproof and captures snakes up to 5' long.

The secret is the multi-chambered funnel trap design with snake attract-dots that lure snakes in with a powerful scent.

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