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The Problem with Barrel Tile Roofs

A barrel tile roof is an open invitation for animal problems, particularly if the roof has not been properly sealed. Believe me, most roofers and construction workers are not keeping the habits of rats, mice, squirrels and other animals in mind when they put these beautiful but vulnerable tiles in. Barrel tile roofs are challenging, because they can leave so many open gaps in a roof, and they also block my vision of the true flat wooden roof underneath. Suppose the regular wooden roof has a hole or gap somewhere, but I can't find it because tiles are blocking it. Or suppose the workers cut holes in the roof for ventilation, but didn't screen them, as is often the case. Construction workers often leave huge gaps at roof lines (peaks & valleys), edges, and wherever soffits touch the roof. The holes can be addressed from the outside, on top of the roof, but some hidden holes under the tile can only be sealed from within the attic - assuming that they can be found and that they are accessible, which they are often not in the case of a tight attic, particularly with cathedral ceilings. If you have mice, rats, or squirrels getting into your attic through a tile roof, the situation is much more difficult than in a regular flat shingled roof, and at times the problem can be impossible to fully address without major roof work.

Many of the areas are difficult to work on.

When sealing gaps at valleys, ensuring proper water drainage is an issue.

Sometimes many areas around the tiles leading into the soffit must be sealed.

It's important to seal shut these areas in Spanish tile roofs. Clay tiles are very vulnerable to all sorts of critters, and animals such as rats and bats can spread various wildlife diseases that can affect people. It's tedious work to seal everything up, but it's important.

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