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Florida snake control prices:

Removal of snake from home or property: $129.00 - $219.00
I will arrive at your home (in the greater Orlando area) as quickly as possible. However, if the snake has vacated the premises by the time of my arrival, I will search for it for a reasonable amount of time, set a snake trap, and the $129 fee stands. When a snake is caught in the trap later, I will come and remove it for an additional $89 fee.

If you have a persistent problem with snakes, I can modify the habitat and treat the area with a repellent in order to keep snakes from the area. If you have found a snake in your home, I will identify and eliminate the point(s) of entry and set snake traps. I will also educate the homeowner about Florida's snakes. The price of this treatment is $249.00.

If you live outside of the greater Orlando area, these same fees apply, in addition to a time/travel expense fee of $1.00 per mile round trip from downtown Orlando.

Call 407-729-6946 if you wish to hire me to take care of your snake problem.

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